We closely cooperate with our partners to create a product that meets the high demands of premium property purchasers. The defined demand includes the apartment mixture as well as a design and service concept.


To fully unfold the project’s radiant power, we define the strategic framework conditions with project developers and marketing experts before developing a customised marketing concept together.


The project is our star – we use unique showrooms to set the stage for it just right and employ dedicated teams for each project to represent the project brand’s spirit with great competence and passion.

Sales Network

We use different networks to expand our range: We have maintained trusting cooperations with family offices and real estate brokers for many years. Additionally, we organise events with multipliers like galleries, gold and yacht clubs to reach additional potential purchasers.


To make sure that things won’t stay in the wishful phase, we cooperate with banks and develop smart, customised financing concepts. We also support purchasers throughout the purchasing process. This service is valued not only by international customers.


The product is the hero. The showrooms we use, develop or co-develop are „product-temples“ where we present matching furniture and different design-styles that can be ordered for the future home, demonstrate the innovative intelligent home-features and to bring the brand to life.


IVD - Immobilienverband Deutschland

Germanys strongest Real Estate Association with more than 6.000 members. An interest group of the real estate industry. A network sharing up-to-date knowledge in mandatory training courses and seminars.  A seal of quality that signifies a qualified and experienced consultation.


International Real Estate Federation

International business club for real estate professionals in more than 65 countries.  Network for international business contacts and opportunities. Facilitates sharing of knowledge and expertise on global real estate markets. 

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